When street parking is open and available people will spend more time enjoying downtown and not looking for parking. This means Downtown businesses will have more (satisfied) customers, more often. By making parking more convenient people will be inclined to visit downtown more often. Convenient can often mean using a garage or lot to park, which you'll want to do when visiting for more than two hours.

Environmental Impact

Circling around the block again and again in search of the perfect parking place doesn't do any wonders for the environment. In fact, it does the opposite. With the ability to find parking faster, there's less congestion from traffic, which means residents and downtown visitors alike will all be breathing a little easier.


Looking for parking can get distracting, so bikers or pedestrians are safer if there are less cars circling around and around with distracted drivers looking for a free space. With our parking finder app you can find a garage or lot close to your destination. The fewer drivers there are circling the block, the better for everyone.